The Art of Stones
and My Journey 

Welcome to my exploration of how I discovered my profound love for stones. I invite you to delve into the story of my heartfelt connection with these captivating gems of nature.

Steinskulpturen Galerie der RWM

How It All Began

In the banking sector, where I worked for over 30 years, I had various tasks (e.g. in risk management) that were very abstract. From today's point of view, one would probably say virtual. The evaluations and results were outdated after a relatively short time or had to be updated and adapted again and again.

I lacked an occupation with things I could touch with my hands. Therefore I looked for a balance in my life where something was physically visible and would last for a longer period of time.

Stone: A Material with Possibilities for Development

I discovered art as an attractive field with possibilities for development. After experimenting with different materials such as eton, clay and wood I finally discovered stone. This material corresponded to my mentality and
I liked the way I could work with it.

Through various courses I got to know the art of stonemasonry from different angles. Besides my professional activity I spent more and more time creating sculptures out of stone. I now look back on more than 25 years of experience and expertise in creating art.

Many Years of Occupation with Stonemasonry Art

On the way to mastering this art form I always feel joy, distraction from everyday life and a meaningful and satisfying occupation. This is especially true when others appreciate my art and I can contribute to the creation of their living space by acquiring a work of art.

My works have received recognition at various exhibitions at home and abroad.
Working with different types of stone with different characteristics and surprises creates challenges that require a high degree of skill. To experience a constantly developing expression of my own work has become an important purpose in life for me.


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