The Journey of My 
Artistic Vision

Discover the beauty of stone sculptures, explore the advantages for art enthusiasts, and view my art partners.

Steinskulpturen Galerie der RWM


You strike out against violence.
You listen to what the stone has to say,
but you must find the answer yourself.
You walk step by step, groping as if in the dark.
You are surprised by the light and beauty.
Pause in the raging hustle and bustle of our time
 and enjoy the grace of creation,
which shows itself in stones.

Rudolf Meyer
(translated from the original German version)

My Vision for Creating Stone Sculptures

Step into the world of stone sculptures, where my artistic vision comes to life. With meticulous craftsmanship and a deep passion for the medium, I strive to transcend the boundaries of stone, transforming rigid structures into captivating works of art.

Infusing life into stones, I breathe soul into them, creating captivating sculptures that speak to the observer.

Through the medium of stones, I establish a profound connection, conveying emotions and communicating with those who encounter my art.
With each stone form, I skillfully represent and express feelings, allowing the tangible sculptures to evoke powerful emotions and create a distinctive aura within any space.

What Are the Advantages for Art Enthusiasts?

Welcome to a truly immersive art experience that invites you to personally engage with my artistic world. Step into the gallery and art garden, where my creations come to life, and let your senses be captivated by the beauty and intricacy of each piece.

Experience my art personally by visiting the gallery and the art garden.

Explanation of the creation of works in my studio

Execution of commissioned work created from your ideas

My Art Partners

For a long time now, I have held various exhibitions together with partner artists (their pictures are on display in my gallery). Interested parties can contact me to be invited to visit the exhibition at the next opening or by arrangement at another time. The works of the local partner artists are exhibited either as paintings or as sculptures (made of metal / glass / wood) in my art garden.


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